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What is DogsLearnOnline?

DogsLearnOnline is an online service dedicated to modern dog training. We teach our customers how to train their dogs everyday skills with effective, safe and scientifically proven methods. Learning is fun with the support of our professional coaches!

We offer online courses and lectures on subjects concerning, for example, everyday skills dogs need to live a good life within human societies. We have a solid knowledge of modern scientific understanding of animal training. Our head of training Jirka Vierimaa is a professional animal trainer and behavior analyst who has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners.

Our staff is located in Finland and Estonia, but thanks to our awesome modern technology we are able to offer our services worldwide. We use easy video meeting software which makes it possible to get together around the virtual table no matter where you are located at the time. So gather your group and book a live lecture on the subject you wish to know more of.

  • Backed by science

    Learn to train your dog with modern methods backed by science

  • Vast hands-on experience

    Our staff has worked with thousands of dogs and dog families

  • Interactive learning

    We support interactive learning experience with online tools

  • Technology

    Thanks to modern technology our service is available worldwide

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Contact us

  • Head of training

    Jirka Vierimaa

  • Email

  • Address

    Jirka Vierimaa / DogsLearnOnline
    P.O. Box 7 | FIN-33401 Tampere | FINLAND